Cow’s milk is a symbol of white supremacy, PETA claims

Cow’s milk is a symbol of white supremacy, PETA claims
Posted at 4:15 AM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 00:18:36-04

(RNN) – The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claim cow’s milk is a symbol of white supremacy.

PETA originally published a blog post in March 2017 titled “Why cow’s milk is the perfect drink for white supremacists.” The animal rights group renewed that claim on Friday when it tweeted a link to its post again.

“Before you pour a glass of the ‘white stuff,' please remember that it isn’t the 'right stuff,’” PETA said.

PETA believes cow’s milk really is the perfect drink of choice for all, even unwitting, supremacists. If you needed another reason to “ditch dairy,” PETA said the dairy industry inflicts extreme violence, like rape, on other living beings.

Dairy cows, like other mammals, only produce milk during and after pregnancy. In order to maintain production, cows on dairy farms are often forcibly impregnated.

“Some people might be surprised to learn that cows used by the dairy industry are slaughtered after about five years because their bodies are so spent from being kept constantly pregnant,” PETA said.

Perhaps PETA was originally trying to capitalize on the popularity of the movie “Get Out.”

The Academy-Award winning film, which hit theaters just a month before their post was published, contains a scene in which a main character is seen eating cereal one-by-one and drinking milk separately. PETA even referenced that scene in the first sentence of its post.

Even so, the timing of its latest mention of milk and white supremacy serves as an echo to an article published in The New York Times Thursday titled “Why white supremacists are chugging milk (and why geneticists are alarmed.”)

Apparently scientists are finding their work being distorted on internet forums by lactose-tolerant white supremacists who want to project a perceived “white superiority."

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