Detroit delivery driver jumps with joy at gift of toilet paper

Posted at 7:16 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 19:16:42-04

Delivery workers are true warriors in the life saving fight against the spread of COVID-19. One Shelby Township, Michigan, family decided to say thanks with generosity.

They say they were inspired by a Facebook post showing a sign thanking delivery drivers posted on a front door.

“One of my Facebook friends had posted that and she shared the PDF on Facebook,” said 18-year old Jessica Griessel.

She printed the PDF for their door, and her mom said let’s do more.

“We made this sign which says delivery personnel please help yourself to anything in this bin you would like and then we put together this bin,” said Jill Griessel, Jessica’s mom.

In the bin are beverages, paper towels, and toilet paper, which the family had bought in bulk to for this home and Jessica’s sister’s college dorm.

“They make all these deliveries and allow us…shh!” said Jill, interrupted by noise.

Her cat Lily was pawing at the door aggressively, making it clear she wanted out.

“Our cat is trying to get out. She is on quarantine too,” joked Jessica.

Even their cat obviously finds being quarantined difficult, but the deliveries make it easier

“They are putting themselves out there and we really appreciate that. These deliveries allow me to work from home,” said Jill.

When a delivery worker arrived, the family saw him through the window. He double checked that it was okay with gestures through the window. He then took the gift that when you need it, is invaluable.

As he walked away their Ring door bell recorded him hooting and hollering as he jumped with apparent joy.

They got so much joy from the video, they decided to share it. They hope it inspires more giving.

“I do hope this inspires other people if they have overstock and can share with others, especially those who are out there working for us so we can stay safe,” said Jill.

“And to know he was so happy to receive that, it made us really happy,” said Jessica.

This article was written by Kim Russell for WXYZ.