Chief Says Missing Afghan Students are Not Terrorists

Moody Air Force Base
Posted at 1:22 PM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 10:27:18-05

VALDOSTA, GA (WTXL) - Authorities are still searching for two missing Afghan students who were training at Moody Air Force Base.

According to Air Force officials, the two men did not report to duty on Monday and there is a coordinated effort to find them.

Chief Brian Childress of the Valdosta Police Department spoke with WTXL about the missing men.

Childress said the police department has been getting many calls asking if the men are terrorists or if they pose a threat.

"And quite frankly, that's ridiculous," said Childress.

According to Childress when the men first came to study, Air Force officials created a plan with local law enforcement for if the men ever did not return to the base. The Chief said base officials are following that protocol now.

"These folks have been here for almost a year, they cleared a lot of security checks, and so we have absolutely zero evidence to believe they are a threat," said Childress.

He adds that he believes they are either out sightseeing or have left the base because they do not want to return to Afghanistan when they finish their training.