Celebrating a Century with 100-year-old Tallahassee Resident

Bill Taylor and Family
Bill Taylor
Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 05, 2016
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TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) - A lot can happen in a lifetime, especially when that lifetime spans 100 years. Tallahassee resident Bill Taylor celebrated his 100th birthday on Tuesday, sharing stories with family and friends about everything from his great grandchildren to his connection with a notorious gangster.

Taylor spent his entire life in Florida. Born in Jacksonville, he moved to Miami as a child and lived there until his son moved to Tallahassee.

Taylor moved to Tallahassee in the 70’s after his grandchildren were born. "My whole family lived here, so why not move here?" said Taylor.

In Miami though, Taylor had some interesting experiences working for the post office, including being one of the first post office employees to transition from delivering mail on a bicycle to delivering mail in a truck. "I was a pioneer, really," he said.

Taylor says that during his time delivering mail, one person on his route stood out among all the others. And that was Al Capone.

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"I often times saw him sitting on the dock, chewin' a fat one with his buddies or something. But as far as I can say, that I ever met him or was ever close to him, no," Taylor said. "I'm not sure he was as bad as he claimed to be. To have a reputation in his business was very important."

Taylor's granddaughter, Katie Stratton, was at his birthday celebration and says even though her grandfather loves telling stories he still has new ones to share.

"It's funny, he's got a million stories. He loves sharing, he loves storytelling. I had never heard the story about Al Capone before, so I will have to ask him about that one," said Stratton.

In 1944, Taylor was drafted and served two years as a combat engineer during WWII. Taylor says he was a demolition and explosives expert but when his service was up, he was able to pick back up at the post office as if he had never left.

Taylor doesn't think there are any secrets to living to 100, it's just in his genes. He does say though that he has loved every moment of the last century.

"I have lived a wonderful life," Taylor said. "My guess is that there are not many people on this earth that have not lived as good a life, as wonderful a life, as fun a life, as I have."