Californians arrested in Tallahassee for trafficking marijuana

Californians arrested in Tallahassee for trafficking marijuana
Posted at 11:21 AM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 07:36:25-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Two Californians have been arrested in Tallahassee after police found nearly 50 pounds of marijuana and $15,000 in cash in their RV. 

According to an arrest report, a tip revealed the pair would often travel from northern California to Florida with large amounts of marijuana and once they were in Tallahassee, they would sell it. 

The tip also stated that the two would travel in a motor home and stay in local RV parks. 

Last week, a Tallahassee Police officer wrote that they received a new tip that Standley and Kinsey were back in the Tallahassee area. 

On Tuesday, officers were able to find a motor home off of Bay Head Drive with a California tag that was registered to Standley and Kinsey. 

Police observed the home for several hours before they searched it, the document says.

When they searched the home, the arrest report says they found multiple vacuum sealed bags of marijuana throughout the home. They also found marijuana stored in large duffle bags under the bed, in the closet, and other storage areas throughout the home. 

In total, police say they found nearly 50 pounds of marijuana. Additionally, officers write that they found approximately $15,000 in cash under a drawer in the bathroom.

Standley was arrested during Tuesday's search and was charged with trafficking marijuana in excess of 25 lbs or 300 plants or more and knowingly trafficking drugs inside a vehicle.

He later told officers during his pre-trial interview that he was in Tallahassee visiting family. As of Thursday, Standley has bonded out of the Leon County Jail. 

Kinsey was arrested on Wednesday and remains in the Leon County Jail on a $38,000 bond. 

She faces the same charges as Standley with two additional charges for marijuana possession with intent to sell and narcotic possession.