Building Tallahassee: Expanding Healthcare Resources

Building Tallahassee
Posted at 6:05 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 13:52:44-05

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) -- Over the past five weeks, WTXL's "Building Tallahassee" series has highlighted exciting news about development in the Capital City.

The final piece takes a look at healthcare in Tallahassee -- and how it's more than just hospitals that are expanding.

Tallahassee Pediatric Dentistry opened in December 2016: a one-stop-shop for care that comes with a smile.

"We want it to be a positive thing, so being able to offer those options helps the child undergo dental procedures in a much safer manner," said Dr. Shawn Hanway, owner of Tallahassee Pediatric Dentistry.

Hanway, a Tallahassee native, said finding the location on Killearn Center Boulevard has been a blessing.

"This area of Tallahassee, especially the north side of town, has a lot of young communities and young families, and so it worked out nicely," Hanway said.

The office includes rooms for new patients, special procedures, and even one for infants.

"We have a 'Baby & Me' room that we use for lap exams to really encourage visiting the dentist by the first birthday," said Hanway.


Heading to a healthcare establishment, Tallahassee Memorial is breaking new ground...literally.

The Mustian Center is a five-story, 250-million dollar project, expanding intensive care and surgery for adults.

"It is going to be a state-of-the-art complex -- something that will really differentiate TMH, not just in this region, but across the country," said CEO Mark O'Bryant.

The center is planned to open in February 2019 -- and even more is in the works.

"Developing a women and children's facility on this campus, where it's in design right now that will focus on outpatient services," O'Bryant said. "And, in that building, we'll have a number of pediatric services that will be new to our community."


Heading to the other hospital in town, Capital Regional Medical Center has been expanding, too. In February 2016, an outpatient facility opened at Bannerman Crossing, providing pediatrics and family practice.

"It just made sense that folks that live in that community are going to want to have an extended-hour clinic so they can have access to a physician and a mid-level provider," said Mark Robinson, the CEO of Capital Regional Medical Center.

And in the medical office building behind the hospital, an outpatient program for behavioral health was set up in October 2016

"What that allows for is, post-discharge, for folks to get that continued care in a group setting that they need," said Robinson.


Miccosukee Road isn't just home to two hospitals. In January, a facility on Miccosukee and Riggins opened up, catering to medical space.

"There's a ton of offices around here, physicians -- so, it's just easier for patients to get here," said Whitney Eubanks with American Health Imaging, one of the first tenants at the new facility. The company relocated from Capital Circle.

"It's a convenience factor for being able to be between the hospitals, as well as being near their patient base," said Carlton Dean, executive director of SVN Southland Commercial.

"We're growing. We have brand new equipment," Eubanks said. "We have two brand new MRI's that are the latest and greatest on the market."

This stretch of new healthcare development is known as the "Miccosukee Medical Corridor" -- all part of building the Capital City.