Bainbridge Watches for Flint River Flooding

Flint River Flooding in Southwest Georgia
Posted at 9:02 AM, Dec 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-30 11:52:48-05

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WTXL) -- Residents are keeping a close eye on the Flint River as the water levels continue to rise.

Cherise Dryden says she hopes this won't be a repeat of 2009, the year after she moved into her riverside home.

"[The water] got a little past here up to [the] bushes," she said. "We had to kayak out of the neighborhood. It was a half a mile kayak ride."

Dryden says living by the river comes with the risk of flooding waters.

"Some people were clearing out their backyards, and we moved a couple things just to get it out of the way of the water," she said.

The Flint River reached 25.9 feet Tuesday morning. City officials expect the river to crest early Friday afternoon at 29.7 feet -- several feet above the flood stage.

While the river continues to swell, residents say they don't expect it flood as much as it did in 1994. They described a scene where water covered several roads and parking lots.

Dryden says she's staying put for now, hoping the waters stay clear of her home.

"Right now, just hopefully, the dock won't float away and won't get too much damage," she said.

Bainbridge currently is experiencing minor flooding, with moderate flooding in the forecast.

Roads to the Earle May Boat Basin and Hatcher Road leading to Cheney Griffin Park along the river are closed.

As of Tuesday, no residential roads have been closed, and no homes have been required to evacuate.