Bainbridge Teen Sells Hot Chocolate for Local Families

Bainbridge Hot Chocolate Fundraiser A
Posted at 5:30 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-23 04:27:32-05

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WTXL) -- A Bainbridge High School student raised $2,700 Monday, selling hot chocolate to help local children in need during the holidays.

"it's important to me because I like to know that I'm helping someone get a Christmas that's not as fortunate as I am," said 16-year-old Ryan Adams.

The sale started early Monday morning, as Adams' team of friends and family flagged down drivers to donate.

"That's always good, because there's a lot of kids that don't do that very much," said Brenda Izaguirre, a Bainbridge resident who pulled over to buy hot chocolate. "It's good, so other kids can learn how to give back to the community."

Adams has raised thousands of dollars since he started the fundraiser eight years ago. In the past, he has paid light bills, provided rent deposits to help locals move into housing, and delivered space heaters to elderly residents in need.

His mom Shaie Parker said she remembers something Ryan said about why he does it every year.

"God gets busy sometimes," Parker said. "He hears everybody's prayers, but sometimes, God needs a little help. This is Ryan's way of helping God help others."

"I heard about one of our fellow church members -- their house had burned down, so they weren't going to be able to have a Christmas," Adams said, "and I ended up donating all the money I had to them."

Some of the girls working with Adams said they share his desire to reach out this time of year.

"It's important to let people have a Christmas," said 9-year-old Jewel Anvar. "It wouldn't be fair if we had a Christmas and they didn't."

"It makes your heart feel good that you know that you're giving something back to what they really don't have," said 9-year-old Ali Bennett.

Even when Adams goes to college, his team says the fundraiser will still go strong.

The fundraiser was a one-day event, but Adams said his team is still accepting donations. To contribute, call Shaie Parker at 229-442-8765.