Bainbridge Pawn Shops Facing New Regulations

Bainbridge Pawn Shop
Posted at 5:15 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 14:24:26-04

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WTXL) -- The city of Bainbridge is trying keep closer tabs on its pawn shops and goods being sold to those stores. It's all to cut down on crime.

The ordinance is still in the works, but as it stands right now, pawn stores would be required to digitize records of all transactions made in their businesses.

Those records would include several pieces of information, including details about customers and their items -- from names and driver's license numbers to the price paid and the receipt number.

Also, anyone who wants to operate a pawn shopt would need to officially register with the city.

Bainbridge Public Safety says the ordinance comes in light of concerns of stolen items being housed or sold at these stores.

"It'll help us a lot, because sometimes, we go and they don't have the correct records," said Jerry Carter, director of Bainbridge Public Safety. "Sometimes, they get stolen stuff, so we want to be able to track it down and try to get it back to the rightful owners."

Pawn shops in the city shared mixed feelings about the ordinance.

While two are on board with the ordinance, another opposes it -- saying keeping electronic records would cost their business money. That store also says its customers would have privacy concerns, given the information that would be required.

The city says it's been in talks with pawnbrokers for months about this issue. The goal is to present an updated ordinance at the next council meeting.