Bainbridge Cleans Up from Severe Storm

Bainbridge Storm Aftermath 1
Posted at 5:00 PM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 15:41:06-05

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WTXL) -- Severe weather in the Southeast Monday night left considerable damage in south Georgia.

Bainbridge resident Maryann Green said she's lived in the region her whole life, but she'd never seen anything like the overnight storm.

"I couldn't believe it -- the way it come," Green said. "It, all of a sudden, just hit the house."

Green lost power and spent Tuesday picking up the pieces.

"It didn't sound too great out here," she said. "It was raining and lightning and thundering."

Wind wreaked havoc, leaving parts of town a mess. Bainbridge Public Safety had a command unit deal with the damage.

"They started arriving in the west Bainbridge area and pretty much all the streets in Bainbridge," said fire chief Doyle Welch. "We were compiling a list of down power lines and down trees."

On Dothan Road, fences were flattened by falling branches and strong winds. Across the street, a vacant mobile home for sale was torn from its foundation and flipped on its side.

Not far from there, Bryan Hall was doing damage control. The manager of Jimmy's Auto Sales rushed to his business Monday night.

"We were here until after 2 o'clock in the morning, just securing the property and trying to clear debris," he said.

The storm destroyed five of his buildings and dozens of cars.

"I do have six to seven that are completely totaled out," Hall said. "Crushed."

Fortunately, all of them are insured. Hall said despite the damage, the business will be fine.

"We've got a bunch of good people and a bunch of good friends," he said. "I've even had some customers show up to say, 'What can I help you guys do?'"

City officials say no injuries were reported, and debris has been cleared from all roads.

A few power outages were left over from Monday night, but Georgia Power and city crews spent Tuesday working to restore service to all customers.