As Primary Nears, New Hampshire Still Evaluating Rubio

As Primary Nears, NH Still Evaluating Rubio
Posted at 11:16 AM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 10:51:43-05

DERRY, NH (WTXL)— The first presidential primary is nearly here, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is stepping up his campaign in the final days. The candidate criss-crossed New Hampshire last week, trying to maintain the momentum gained after a close third place finish in Iowa.

On Friday, Rubio held a pre-debate rally at a middle school in Derry, NH where both supporter and undecided voters turned out to see the candidate.

Judy Buck of Derry was in attendance to see Rubio in person for the first time. She was unimpressed with what the senator had to say.

"To me, he was very similar to Ted Cruz. He said a lot of the same things," Buck said.

After attending a Jeb Bush event Thursday, Buck said she wanted a candidate that showed as much substance as he did. Rubio's compelling story of his parents' earned success meant little to her.

"I'd like to see less pulling on the emotions, less talking about his family, his upbringing and where his parents are from. That's not important," Buck said. "It's what he's going to do to solve the issues in America.

23-year-old Emily Clemons of Manchester was more impressed with Rubio.

"I just graduated this past May and I have 29 thousand dollars out in student loans," she explained. "So it's good to know he has a plan."

Unlike Buck, Clemons felt more connected to Rubio because of his personal background.

"Both his parents on his side and his wife's side are immigrants and they worked from nothing to something. So they understand the concept that you have to work for what you want," she said.

Both Buck and Clemons remained undecided after the rally and want to hear more from all the candidates before casting a vote Tuesday.