Army Command asks soldiers and civilians to be careful who they friend on Facebook

Facebook post by AMC
Posted at 11:56 AM, Nov 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-18 11:56:00-05

The Army Materiel Command, headquartered on Redstone Arsenal, is asking all employees, military and civilian, to be careful who they friend on Facebook. 

The 4-star command employs tens of thousands of people across the country and is reminding all of them that everyone on Facebook may not have the best of intentions. 

The FBI has previously asked members of the military to reassess their social networking usage. 

FBI director James Comey said that when it comes to military members who are stateside, one of the biggest threats to their safety is the information they put online while at a press conference earlier in the year.

Family photos, status updates, and even plans for a night on the town, all of these things give terrorist organizations clues as to who you are and where you live. Military men and women should not be fooled into a false sense of security once they come home from over seas, Comey says there is no doubt, they are looking for you.

This also needs to be taken into consideration when you receive friend requests. 

"We think it is a great reminder that social media is a great tool but we always caution people to be careful what they post and be aware of who they are friends with," said Lisa Simunci, the Army Materiel Command's Social media Manager. "We know that a lot of people pose as military members, we have seen this time and again where people friend people they think are in the military but they are not."

AMC posted a link that shows some tips for how to find out if the person sending you a friend request is a real person that you might actually want to communicate with via social media. 

"We are always on the look out for impostors because they are out there and when we find them we report them. We just have to be careful and we hope people will take a few minutes and go through the motions to know who is on the side of the computer."

"We see, increasingly ISIL and other terrorists but especially ISIL trying to find men and women in uniform through their online presence. Scouring Facebook, people's pages, to see if they are active duty military, see where they are and then see if they cant commission somebody here in the United States to harm that service member," Comey said at the earlier press conference.

Here is the link posted by AMC about how to spot a fake account.