African American Icon: FSU Cashier Eva Killings

Eva Killings
Eva Killings
Posted at 9:30 PM, Feb 17, 2015
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Since 1975, Eva Killings has been dishing out lots of love to students on the campus of Florida State University. And for 10 years, this cashier has been a mainstay on the menu at Suwannee Hall, at the request of students, such as freshman Jessica Shapiro.

"The first time I saw her she had such a big smile on her face and when she said 'I love you' I was so honored and it made my day," said Shapiro.

The grandmother of three shows love everyday to everyone she comes in contact with.

"When I first came on campus, even when I worked behind the lines serving, I would walk out from behind the line and give love to everyone and it just grew with me over the years," said Eva Killings.

And throughout her nearly 40 years employed at FSU, Mrs. Killings estimates she's given out tens of thousands of hugs.

"I love working at FSU," expressed Killings. "I've met a lot of parents that went to school here and now they're bringing their sons and daughters back here and they are very happy to see me."

But Mrs. Killings is more than just a friendly face. Freshman Alex Fike says she gives him a feeling of home away from home.

"It's really amazing feeling because we're scared, missing home and Mrs. Killings welcomes you in and its just really great because we're a huge family of 40,000 kids and its wonderful because we're all a part of it," said Fike.

Freshman Taylor Crutchfield, who often eats in Suwannee Hall, says Mrs. Killings' smile is contageous.

"Some days in college, it's stressful, so being able to come and eat and have so many positive people here anyways, and Mrs. Killings is the cherry on top," said Crutchfield. "It's amazing that people are still like that nowadays with how much is happening in the world, that someone can be that positive and be that helpful towards you."

Freshman Michelle Flohr agrees, saying, "I have sophomore and junior friends who don't have a meal plan and they pay $7 just to hear her say she loves them."

And the popular professor of love even has a Facebook page, with 4,279 followers! Alexandra Mercado is not surprised.

"When it was finals or midterms, there were a lot of posts of her saying 'good luck' to everyone and she's just all over social media because everyone just loves her," said Mercado.

Eva Killings knows that showing her love makes a difference, saying, "Makes me feel real good when I can give love and I know someone else they gonna return it back to me and it makes my day every day and I'm not planning on leaving soon. I love it, I love it!"

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