A memorial to honor two lives, destroyed by vandals

Spees Memorial
Posted at 8:04 PM, Dec 07, 2012

PERRY, Fla. (WTXL)-- Lee Spees Jr. and Lee Spees Sr. of Taylor County were murdered one year ago this week. Deputies say the men were killed by their neighbor Paul Mcnutt. A third Spees family member, David Spees was also shot, but survived. Taylor County Deputies say the shooting was the brink of a bitter feud between two families and a dispute over a road that divided their properties.

In honor of Spees Sr. and Jr., the family built crosses and held a vigil to memorialize their lives. But just hours after holding a candlelight vigil, the Spees family says vandals drove over the crosses destroying them. Lee Spees says his neighbor did see the car, possibly a grey two door car with a spoiler but could not make out a driver or a license plate. The Spees family is offering a $500 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. As for Paul Mcnutt, he’ll be back in court on December 10 for a pre-trial hearing.