A bumpy first day for new insurance marketplaces

Health Insurance
Posted at 6:28 AM, Oct 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-02 06:28:00-04

CHICAGO (AP) — For millions of Americans trying to log in, the online insurance marketplaces created by the new health care law began with a stalled website, an error message or a menu that didn't work.

But the debut of the new insurance marketplaces might have been a victim of the law's own success. The initial sign-up day appeared to draw heavy interest that suggested pent-up demand for just the kind of coverage now being offered.

Tennessee State University student Sam Rutherford said he signed up for a policy Tuesday, some 15 years after a sledding accident that resulted in him losing several organs and rendered him "virtually uninsurable."

In 36 states where the federal government is running the marketplaces, a snag involving security questions on users' accounts prevented many people from enrolling.