Angie's List: Allergy Season Checklist

Posted at 4:50 AM, Apr 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-08 04:50:28-04

Spring is in the air and for many of us, that means allergies are back in full swing too. This week’s Angie’s List Report provides a checklist for your home to be allergy-season ready.

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the grass is green. Spring’s arrival is a welcome change, but for many of us, it brings the dreaded seasonal allergies. For homeowner Sarah Branham, she’s not just concerned with her own allergic reaction, it’s a family affair.

"Both my children and I have seasonal allergies and are allergic to a couple of other things that can be in the home and are pretty prevalent, like dust and mold. So we try to figure out how to mitigate that, or avoid those things on a regular basis," said Branham.

The changes that mitigate allergies can range from very simple to full-blown remodels, depending on the severity of the allergy sufferer. For basic seasonal allergies, start simple.

"Keep things clean: wash your bedding and your curtains regularly, change air filters, and also vacuum on a regular schedule," said Angie Hicks, Co-Founder of Angie’s List.

That tactic has helped Sarah’s family.

"Most importantly, we have a regular cleaning schedule. And we make sure that the things we buy to clean our home are things that don’t bother us," said Branham.

Changing the surfaces in your home so they can be sanitized is the next step.

"Consider a new floor. Rugs and carpets can become a trap for allergens such as dander, pollen, and dust mites. Consider hardwood floors or even tile which can be cleaned easily and won’t trap allergens," Hicks.

If you can’t change the flooring in your home, consider removing other soft surfaces, like extra pillows and drapes. That simple update helped Sarah’s sons breath better and sleep better.

"Getting rid of those curtains was a massive change that mattered a lot," said Branham.

Don’t forget to bring in the professionals when you need to. In peak pollen season, have someone handle the yardwork or housecleaning to save yourself from an allergy attack. The pros give great advice, too.

"Our HVAC professional gave us some tips on how to bring down the allergen load in our house. We’ve had a really great set of tips from our pediatrician and our allergist also on how to make sure that we’re lightening the load so that we don’t trigger episodes or have a big allergic reaction," Branham.

With help from the professionals and a few simple changes, anyone can breathe easier this allergy season. But if tackling everything seems a bit daunting, personalize your plan of attack.

Knowing the things that specifically bother you and your family and mitigating those issues are most important. Everything else is icing.

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