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Mom faces charges after 2-year-old fired her gun inside a Walmart

A 2-year-old boy accidentally discharged a firearm inside of an Ohio Walmart after retrieving it from his mom's bag.
Mom faces charges after 2-year-old fired her gun inside a Walmart
Posted at 9:07 PM, Nov 20, 2023

A 2-year-old boy is recovering from the minor injuries he sustained after firing a gun inside a southern Ohio Walmart, while his mom is facing charges for her child's act.

The incident occurred on Nov. 16 shortly before 11:15 a.m., when officers with the Waverly Police Department responded to a 911 call reporting gunfire inside the town Walmart.

Upon arrival, a woman, who the department said "willingly waited" for the officers' arrival, told a Sergeant Hopkins her 2-year-old son had accidentally discharged her Taurus 9mm firearm, which he had taken from her purse.

The unintentional discharge, according to the woman, prompted a gunshot to penetrate the store's ceiling and caused a minor injury to the child's forehead after it made contact with the magazine.

The boy was taken to urgent care after the incident and released to the care of a guardian, according to the police department.

The woman whose firearm was involved in the incident was taken into custody and charged in Pike County Court with endangering children, police said.

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"The Waverly Police Department emphasizes the importance of responsible firearm ownership and storage, especially those with children," the department said in a post on Facebook. "Incidents like these underscore the need for heightened awareness and safety measures to prevent such accidents from occurring."

Some people who claimed they were inside the Walmart when the gun was discharged commented on the post, with one saying it was "seriously scary" and that the woman's "behavior after the fact made it even worse."

"She should be charged with inciting a panic as well. The workers and customers were all upset," the person wrote.

Another replied, saying, "I was also in the store. I totally agree with your comment. Her ranting, screaming and cussing after the gunshot made this situation very scary."

But others gave the woman grace, with one saying, "She had a guy come up and start screaming at her, she obviously was panicked and just trying to defend herself."

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