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Meta given 30 days to cease using the name Threads

A British software company says it owns the trademark for the name Threads in the U.K. and turned down multiple offers to sell the domain name.
Meta given 30 days to cease using the name Threads
Posted at 2:58 PM, Oct 31, 2023

A British software company is giving Meta 30 days to stop using the name Threads in the United Kingdom because it owns the trademark.

Meta launched Threads over the summer as a competitor to Elon Musk's X.

Threads Software Limited sent a warning on Monday, saying it will seek an injunction from the English Courts should Meta not discontinue use of the name.

"JPY Ltd registered the trademark 'Threads' in 2012 and in 2018 formed Threads Software Ltd. to commercialize the Threads service," the British company said in a statement. "Over the last 10 years, we have made a large investment in the Threads name and we did not want to potentially have to write-off this investment simply because Meta happened to like the name we had already coined for a messaging service." 

The company said that from April, Meta's lawyers made four offers to purchase the domain "" from Threads Software Ltd., and every offer was declined.

"It was made clear to Meta's Instagram that the domain was not for sale," the company said in a press release.

When Meta launched its Threads platform in July, it removed Threads Software Limited from its Facebook platform. 

"Taking on a U.S. $150 billion company is not an easy decision for us to make. We have invested 10 years in our platform, establishing a recognized brand in the name Threads. Our business now faces a serious threat from one of the largest technology companies in the world," said managing director of Threads Software Ltd. John Yardley in a press release. 

"We recognize that this is a classic 'David and Goliath' battle with Meta. And whilst they may think they can use whatever name they want, that does not give them the right to use the Threads brand name," Yardley said.

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