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McDonald's says it's eliminating iconic McFlurry spoons

McDonald's McFlurries have been around for over two decades and feature one of the most recognizable utensils in fast food.
McDonald's says it's eliminating iconic McFlurry spoons
Posted at 11:59 AM, Oct 27, 2023

In the name of sustainability, McDonald's said it is doing away with its iconic hollow McFlurry spoon, which has long doubled as a spindle. 

Over the years, McDonald's has offered McFlurries in a number of varieties. For instance, Oreo, M&M's, strawberry shortcake and Smarties have all been among the options. 

No matter the variety, the hollow spoon has long been used to mix in the ingredients. 

McDonald's says instead, customers will soon get a standard black spoon similar to the one given out for sundaes. What McDonald's also said it will also begin using a reusable spindle that’s swapped out and cleaned after each McFlurry is made. 

The changes are expected to occur over the next month, McDonald's said.

"This small change will help reduce single-use plastic waste in restaurants – while giving customers the same delicious McFlurry they know and love. That’s a win-win in our book," McDonald's said.

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McDonald's didn't say whether it would be making any changes to its McFlurry cups in the U.S. In Europe, McFlurry cups are now sold without plastic lids. 

The company said it's one of several moves made by the company to make its packaging more sustainable. McDonald's said it is 81% of the way toward making all of its primary guest packaging from renewable, recycled or certified materials.

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