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McCarthy's office denies reports he planned to leave Congress soon

Politico first reported that Kevin McCarthy planned to leave Congress before his term ends, but in a statement from McCarthy's office he denies it.
McCarthy's office denies reports he planned to leave Congress soon
Posted at 5:04 PM, Oct 06, 2023

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy's office is denying reports that he plans to leave Congress before his term ends. 

On Friday, California Rep. McCarthy's office told Mike Hart of Scripps News Bakersfield that he was not talking about, or considering, a resignation at this time. His office said McCarthy plans to show up for work and prepare for the selection process to find a new House speaker.

Citing a schedule distributed by Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik of New York, Roll Call reported that House Republicans will hold an internal election for a new speaker on Wednesday. 

McCarthy, who was ousted as House speaker this week by a vote, had been reportedly expected to step down before his term in Congress would come to an end, according to sources and first reported by Politico. McCarthy's office denies these reports. 

CNN and Politico did report that McCarthy was expected to stay on until the conclusion of the speakership election.

In a news conference this week McCarthy spoke about his mother and family, signaling his intentions to focus on his life outside of politics after he was dramatically deposed in a high-profile ouster from his leadership post just days prior.  

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Rep. Jim Jordan said the person that fills the House speaker role should be able to unite the conference and unite conservative Republicans along with the rest of the GOP. Rep. Jordan said the next speaker needs to be able to explain to the country what Congress is doing, and why it’s important to the voters, their families, the businesses and their community. 

Jordan told CNN, talking about his candidacy for speaker, “I never wanted to do this job, but someone has to.”

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