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Man shot at Lil Baby concert in what police say was premeditated plan

A man is no longer in critical condition after being shot while attending a Lil Baby concert in Memphis Thursday.
Man shot at Lil Baby concert in what police say was premeditated plan
Posted at 6:02 PM, Sep 08, 2023

A Lil Baby concert ended early and in uncertainty Thursday night after shots were fired inside the Memphis arena presenting the performance, injuring one person.

The adult male shooting victim was in critical condition when police responding to the 10:23 p.m. call located him inside the 19,000-seat FedExForum. He was transported out of the arena on a stretcher and was taken to a local hospital, and his condition is now non-critical, the Memphis Police Department said. 

No other injuries were reported from the shooting.

Lil Baby was not even 30 minutes into his performance when the shots rang out, forcing his immediate evacuation off the stage, WREG-TV reported. This marked the end of the show, and the rest of the stadium followed suit in being evacuated, though some had immediately fled or ducked for cover.

Lil Baby posted on X Friday saying all attendees would get a refund.

On Friday, Memphis police said the shooting is believed to have been a premeditated, targeted attack on the male victim who was shot.

However, police still haven't identified or apprehended the shooter, and they are investigating how the person was able to get the gun into the arena in the first place, as the arena has a contract with a private security company which screens for weapons.

The police department said it's now working with the arena's management and security company to find the shooter and determine how the person was able to circumvent the security screening process. It's also asking for the public's help in providing tips to identify the shooter.

Lil Baby is next scheduled to perform Saturday in Nashville. His scheduled show for Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday night was canceled, according to Ticketmaster.

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