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Man claims lottery prize after clerk allegedly tried to steal ticket

A Massachusetts man finally claimed his Powerball winnings after authorities say a store clerk tried to claim the ticket instead.
Man claims lottery prize after clerk allegedly tried to steal ticket
Posted at 10:35 AM, Jul 03, 2023

A Massachusetts man claimed his $3 million lottery prize recently after officials said a convenience store clerk tried to steal the ticket. 

Last week, Carly Nunes pleaded not guilty to one count each of larceny from a building, attempted larceny, presentation of a false claim and witness intimidation. 

According to the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office, a man lottery officials identified as Paul Little purchased lottery tickets along with a bag of potato chips on Jan. 17. The District Attorney's Office said Little took the bag of chips with him, but left the lottery tickets in a terminal tray. 

After Little left, prosecutors said another customer realized there were two extra lottery tickets printed, and returned them to the clerk. 

Two days later, prosecutors said Nunes was driven to the state lottery headquarters with a ticket that appeared to be burned and torn. When officials scanned it, the ticket was determined to be worth $3 million. 

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Prosecutors said lottery officials heard Nunes arguing with the driver, prompting them to contact police and start an investigation. Officials then obtained surveillance video allegedly indicating that Nunes did not purchase the ticket. 

Investigators spent a month trying to find the ticket's true owner before finding Little. 

Now he is $3 million richer. He hit all five white-ball numbers in the Jan. 17, 2023, Powerball drawing and added the Megaplier option.

“I’m pretty excited today because it’s real, with the check in hand,” Little said in a lottery press release. “My thanks to all of the people who helped me get to this point. It’s so many people who worked on my behalf to see me here today, and it’s greatly appreciated.”

Little is a diesel mechanic, but he doesn't plan to retire right away. 

“What I’m hopeful for is that I utilize this money to not only help my family, but to also help other people. One of the first things I’m going to do is pay the mortgage off on my house," he said. 

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