Your Career: Breaking the Gender Gap

Posted at 7:30 AM, Jan 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 04:55:01-05

Tallahassee, Fla. (WTXL)--In 2014, women only earned $.79 for every dollar earned by a man. 

So what does that gender pay gap look like here locally? And what will it take to close it? 

That's what David Barnett and Dr. Steve Depaola from Thomas University stopped by to answer this morning on "Your Career". 

Here's a look at some gender gap statistics.  


- In 2014 women earned only 79-cents for every $1 earned by a man.

- In 2012, the median hourly earnings for women 16 and older was 84% of men's earnings.

- In 2012, women age 25 to 34 made about 93% of what men made.

- In 1980, women in this group made about 67% as much as men of the same age.


- According to the 2015 global gender gap research report, the u.s. Ranks number 28, one spot above cuba and canada.

- The american association of university women says women are paid 79% of what men are paid.

- Pay gap is greatest for hispanic and latina women, who were paid only 54% of what white men were paid in 2014.

- the world economic forum predicts that it will take 118 years for the economic gap between men and women to close.

- According to the wef, right now women earn 64% of what men earn for similar work. Last year that was 66%.


- women who make less than their male counterparts are:

- more than twice as likely as men to have depression.

- four times more likely to have anxiety.


- Twenty years ago there were no c-e-o's of fortune 500 companies; today there are 26.

- In 2013 about 16.9% Board members of fortune 500 companies were women, up from 9.6% In 1995.


- Women still lag behind men in stem industries.

- In 2010, women made up 13% of employed engineers.

- In 2011, of undergraduate students enrolled in engineering programs, 18.6% Were women.