Thomasville Doctor Uses Balloons to Treat Sinus Issues

Thomasville Doctor Uses Balloons to treat Sinus Issues
Posted at 5:30 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 07:29:34-04

THOMASVILLE, GA (WTXL) -- A Thomasville Ear, Nose & Throat doctor is hoping to give patients some sinus relief without taking medicine or going under the knife. 

It's an idea that's been used to treat vascular issues for decades: Inflate a tiny balloon to open up closed pathways. Now that same principal is being used for sinus issues.

"Think of this as a tool or an arrow, and I have a quiver with lots of different arrows in it. This is just one of them," said Dr. Joseph Berger.

Dr. Berger is using balloon sinuplasty to open up blocked sinuses.

A tiny camera follows the device so he can see exactly where to go, and once in place the balloon expands, filling with water.

"Just pushing it gently outward in every direction with the balloon, the bone actually moves but the membrane stretches and doesn't tear," said Dr. Berger.

And for patients with chronic infections, that relief can be life changing.

"I was able to breathe and it was like wow! I could tell the difference," said patient Annette Higdon.

The procedure is done in the doctor's office, and because no incisions are made, patients can resume normal activities the next day.

"I was less nervous doing it here with people that I was comfortable with and people I was familiar with as opposed to a whole operating room of people," said Higdon.

While Dr. Berger says the procedure isn't right for everyone, those who have had it say it can really make all the difference.

"Do it. The only thing I would say is do it, it's well worth it. Find someone that you're comfortable with and trust them... and then just enjoy the benefits because it was very beneficial," said Higdon.

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