Second Cup: Celebrating National Dessert Day

Posted at 8:45 AM, Oct 14, 2015
and last updated 2019-03-04 09:37:32-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- It's National Dessert Day, and we are ready to dig in!

From chocolate to ice cream to everything in between, everyone's got their favorite sweet treat. Kellie and Max are looking at some of the more traditional desserts from all across the globe.

See what your sweet tooth might be craving below. 

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Second Cup: Gadgets with a Secret:

Everything isn't always as it seems, and sometimes the simplest items can actually do a lot more than they appear to.

Second Cup: Babies in Food Themed Costumes:

It's crunch time to make sure you kids have the best costumes on the block. And if you're in need of some inspiration, turn to your kitchen.

Second Cup: FSU and Miami Rivalry:

We're just one day away from the FSU vs. Miami game and the rivalry is heating up!

Second Cup: The Real Candy Crush:

Halloween and candy go hand in hand, but how easily could you identify your favorite sweet treats if they were all smashed up?

Second Cup: Top Songs for Playoff Teams:

The MLB playoffs are in full swing, and for some teams it's just second nature to be in the running for the pennant, but for other's it's been more than a century.

Second Cup: Fall in 1995: 

Imagine a fall without pumpkin spiced everything. 20 years ago people would have said you were nuts to even consider putting the autumn staple in your coffee, or beer, or pop tarts!

Second Cup: Carving the Perfect Pumpkin:

The countdown to Halloween is on and that means it's time to get out your carving knife.

Second Cup: Florida Man or President?:

 A lot of usual things occur in Florida, but it's not always the Sunshine State's fault! 

Second Cup: Fall Getaways:

If you're in need of a vacation, travel experts say there are certain areas that are better than others to visit this time of year.