Pinterest Party: Easter Egg Bunnies

Easter Bunny Eggs
Posted at 8:45 AM, Mar 25, 2015
and last updated 2016-07-04 07:51:32-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- We're getting into the Easter spirit with this Pinterest Party!

Katie Jones, a craft expert from Michaels, joined us on Sunrise to show us how to make bunnies out of Easter Eggs.

Click the thumbnail for some tips on putting one together. Jones says this is a great craft for beginners, and takes about 30 minutes start to finish.

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Here's a step-by-step list of directions from Michaels:

STEP 1: To make the bunny ears, start with a chenille stem that is the same color as your plastic egg. Find the middle of the stem. Bend a 2" loop to the right side of the center point. Bend a second 2" loop ½" away from the first.

STEP 2:  Bend the chenille stem ends so that they're pointing downward, in the opposite direction of the ears. Feed one end through each of the two holes at the narrow end of the plastic egg. Pull down from the inside of the egg until the ears are resting snugly against the top of the egg. If necessary, fold the chenille stems so that they'll fit within the egg once it's closed.

STEP 3: Select a chenille stem that is the same color as your bunny ears. Find the middle of the stem and bend a round loop about 1" in diameter.

  TIP: Wrap the stem once around a nail polish bottle to keep it perfectly circular, then twist it in place and slide the bottle out.

STEP 4: On each side of this round loop, twist the stem to create a smaller, oval loop that is longer horizontally than it is vertically. These two loops will be the bunny's back legs, and will help keep the egg standing up straight. Twist the stems to secure the loops into place. Now wrap the excess stems around and around the main, round loop, between the two oval loops. This will give you a larger surface area to attach the tail.

STEP 5: Use two small pom poms in the same color as the egg for the bunny's front paws. First, press glue against one pom pom, then stick it against the front of the round chenille loop of the bunny bottom. Press firmly for a moment to make sure one of the glue sticks to both the pom pom and the chenille stem. Use the same method to attach the second pom pom right next to the first With glue, attach a larger pom pom to the back of the round loop (in between the two oval loops) to make the tail.

STEP 6: Apply glue to the wiggle eyes, and stick them onto the front of the plastic egg, about ¾" below the bunny ears. Hold them into place for one minute to ensure they are fully adhered. Apply glue to the back of the smallest sparkle pom in pink, and stick to the egg just below and in between the two wiggle eyes.

   TIP: Trim the longer sparkly fibers from the back of the sparkle pom pom before adding glue to help it stick better to the egg.

STEP 7: Once dry, fill the plastic egg bunny with Easter treats, and place it onto the round loop of the bunny's bottom. Make bunnies in every color and display them together.