Have You Seen This? Home Depot gets a little Disney magic

Have You Seen This? Home Depot gets a little Disney magic
Posted at 1:10 AM, Feb 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-12 08:09:05-05

THE MAGIC DEPOT — There is a certain thrill and satisfaction that comes from finishing a project with your own two hands that beautifies and improves your home, but it simply won’t ever compare to Disney magic.

Not to blow your mind or anything, but what if those two things were combined?

Since at least 2011, Home Depot has been holding internal talent contests, inviting their employees to make videos showcasing their entertainment chops for a chance at a trip to Las Vegas. This year, three employees entered the contest with a video showing exactly what happens when you combine home improvement with the magic of music from Disney animation.

DJ Chewy, Jordan Sovis and Micayla Marks in Owosso, Michigan, put together an entertaining video, tweaking the lyrics from songs from beloved Disney animated movies to sing the the praises of the big orange box.

While the nearly 8-minute video may seem long, it holds a little piece of joy from eight movies, all the way from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” to “Frozen.” Plus you’ll learn helpful things like how you can “paint with all the colors in our store.”

As far as this video is concerned, I agree with Mickey (Micayla), “It’s like a big orange box of joyful glee and wonderment.”

According to the video description, the trio won the talent contest in 2014 with a parody rap mashup accompanied by tool-based instruments and plenty of awkward dancing.