Funky with an F: The Other Side of Vintage

Funky with an F: The Other Side of Vintage
Posted at 8:21 AM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 13:32:19-04

It's cool. It's different. It's unique. The search is on for the 'unconventional' in our very own backyard. Over the next several weeks, WTXL's Christine Souders is taking you on an adventure to discover what makes the area 'Funky with an F.'

TALLAHASSEE, FL - The Other Side of Vintage Manager Jason Cusell said customers take notice when they drive past the store.

"Driving by, head out the window, what's that, what's that...there's so much to take in here. You never know what you'll come across in the place," said Jason Cusell.

Safe to say, it's sensory overload outside and inside "The Other Side of Vintage."

You can find hip clothes, antiques and even mantiques?

"A lot of what we call 'mantiques' are over here. Vintage cufflings and things like that," said Cusell.

Cusell said those are a few reasons why people have to syop and take a peek inside.

"You name it. If it's vintage, it's here," Cusell said.

For 16 years, The Other Side of Vintage Owners have been buying and selling one-of-kind items.

Back then, the store was located on Tharpe Street.

Now it's grown in size from a couple hundred feet to more than 8,000 square feet.

Cusell said the space is necessary to house their large collection and consignment booths.

"You never know what's going to come through the door. I love vintage things. I grew up with mom coming home, saying there's this chair on the trash pile 3 blocks over. Go get it and bring it home," said Cusell.

There's a little bit of everything from all over the map.

Cusell has even had curators from museums come by in search of a particular piece.

"Different eras, 60's, 20's. Browsing here, you can be in here a couple hours easy, get distracted," said Cusell.

The fashion will make your head spin.

"Here you're going to have everything from classical, ecollectic, funky and everything in between," Cusell said.

WTXL's Christine Souders went on a mission to not only to find out if the place is funky, but to also find a retro-fabulous outfit that fits within a $20 budget.

As Christine explored the racks of clothes she noticed the prices fit the bill.

In the end, Christine picked up a $12 vintage blue dress, a $1 dollar brown, wide-strapped belt, a metallic 1980's purse and green suede shoes for $6 bucks.

Shopper Brooke Wiles said it's the element of surprise she enjoys the most about coming to The Other Side of Vintage.

"All the trend are the same. You go to any store, it's going to be the same clothes, same style, same price. Coming here you get old and new, crazy. It's pretty awesome," said Brooke Wiles.

At The Other Side of Vintage, it's not just about business, but about keeping cherished memories alive for customers, because every piece has it's own story.

"I remember having this or that as a child. Grandmothers saying to their grandkids, I used to have that when I was a child. Spend a couple hours walking through memory lane," said Cusell.

That makes The Other Side of Vintage, 'Funky with an F.'

Cusell says to expect to see a mural facing the newly constructed park and walkways in Railroad Art Park on the back-side of the building in the next few months.

After all that shopping, what better way to really show off the vintage clothes then in a classic set of wheels with some modern features.

We give you the ride of your life next week Monday at 11 p.m. on Funky with an F.