Taking Your Passion for Brewing Beer Home With You

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Posted at 8:30 PM, Nov 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-10 06:27:08-05

TALLAHASSEE, FL. (WTXL) - The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) released the results of its annual Homebrew Supply Shop Survey, detailing the current state of the home beer and wine supply retail industry. It found by examining data from 408 shops across 48 states, that gross revenue grew for shops on average by 10 percent in 2014. Retail owners are now looking for the same growth this year.

HomeBrew Den in Tallahassee is the place to go when it comes to home supplies. In business for 20 years, Homebrew Den has become a one stop shop for everything from beer, wine to soda brewing eqiupment. 

Sarah Bridegroom with HomeBrew Den says, "When we started in 1993 there was not a proliferation of Craft Beer available. There were some restrictions what was available to be sold in the state and there just wasn't a lot being offered."

According to The Beer Institute, there were only 500 Craft Beer breweries nationwide in 1993, with most located on the West Coast or up North.

Bridegroom says, back in the early 90's home brewers started making beer because they wanted, a higher quality brew and a broader selection that just wasn't in the market place locally. 

"There have been people who have been interested in home brewing for many many years. The recent surge in Craft Beer drinking and Craft Beer making probably has peaked a little bit more interest in home beer making. It can be as easy or as advanced as you want it to be. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating at first but really once you get the basics down it can be very very basic."

So what are some basic pieces of equipment the average person needs to do get started?

According to Bridegroom, "You need something to cook in like a stock pot or a pasta pot or a boil kettle. You'll need some equipment for the beer to ferment in, to be able to test it properly. You're going to need raw materials, the recipe, the guts and pantry of the beer. And then you're going to need something to package in, either bottles or kegs or something similar."

The average timeline from brew to drink is four weeks, longer or shorter depending on your recipe.

Bridegroom says, "You can make it exactly the way you want it. You have a beer and you're think I like it but it's a little to this or a little to that. You can make it the way you want it ever time."

The AHA says, there was a 24% increase in sales of beginner homebrew equipment kits. Beginner kits were most commonly purchased by 30-39 year olds.