Community reacts to 4 people shot at apartment complex hours after another shooting

Four people shot at the Ascasa Ocala apartments Friday night
Posted at 11:30 PM, Aug 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-27 07:21:27-04
  • Four people were shot at the Ascasa Ocala apartment complex Friday night.
  • It was the second shooting of the day, just hours after a woman was shot at the Leon Arms apartment complex.
  • Hear from a witness of the Ascasa shooting in the video above.

“You don’t want to see somebody that you know laying out there on the ground like that, and it’s sad.”

Trayvon Dugan has lived in Tallahassee his entire life. He says he never thought he’d witness a crime scene like the one he saw on Friday night.
“It’s crazy man, I never thought I'd see that here.”

Four people were shot at the Ascasa complex on Ocala Road. Police say a fight broke out between two groups and shots were fired.

Friday afternoon at another complex a woman was also found shot outside of Leon arms complex on Holton Road.

These shootings come during a time when community and faith leaders are looking for ways to bring gun violence down.

Including pastor Rudy Ferguson- who I spoke with this week about ending gun violence in the city.
“I don’t know if we can ever stop it, but I do believe that we can definitely begin to find ways to intervene.”

As community and faith leaders look for solutions to stop the violence - Dugan is hopeful and thankful that things Friday night was not worse.
“The first thing that came to my mind was I need to tell God thank you because that could’ve been my sister, that could’ve been me. It could be anybody.”