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Hundreds arrested in NYC protest calling for Gaza ceasefire

At least 200 were detained, with some reports suggesting up to 300, as a massive crowd protested at New York's Grand Central Terminal.
Hundreds arrested in NYC protest calling for Gaza ceasefire
Posted at 3:35 PM, Oct 28, 2023

A massive crowd of demonstrators streamed into New York City's Grand Central Terminal late Friday as Israel ramped up its bombardment on the Gaza Strip overnight.

The protesters, wearing black shirts that said "Jews say cease-fire now" and "Not in our name," called for an immediate end to airstrikes as Israel said it was expanding a ground incursion as the Israel Defense Forces continue their mission to target locations in the Palestinian territories.

Reports said somewhere between at least 200 and as many as 300 demonstrators were detained at Friday's massive rally in New York. Demonstrators were seen scaling ledges and hoisting up large banners amid a large sit-in-style demonstration in the train station and surrounding block.

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The advocacy group Jewish Voice for Peace said it called on hundreds of "Jews and friends" to take over the iconic U.S. train station after the group joined others last week to help form a similar protest on a smaller scale on Capitol Hill in Washington. 

In images, New York police officers were seen using quick ties to detain protesters before taking them away. Demonstrators could be seen climbing up the stone interior of the terminal, holding up signs in front of leader boards posting train departure times. The Israel Defense Forces said on Saturday it had expanded an IDF ground operation, hitting around 150 underground targets in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israel said some forces remained in Gaza, Scripps News has learned. 

The IDF said it killed the head of Hamas' Ariel Array, Asem Abu Rakaba. 

Also, on Saturday, UNICEF's Executive Director Catherine Russell said the organization had lost touch with colleagues in Gaza.

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