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How to claim money in the A&W soda class-action settlement

How to claim money in the A&W soda class-action settlement
Posted at 2:10 PM, Oct 04, 2023

Soda company marketing departments come up with all kinds of crazy catchphrases to get you to buy their drinks, like “Taste the Feeling!” from Coke, “Do the Dew!” from Mountain Dew and “Rise up, baby!” from Pepsi. But they’re not allowed to put anything misleading about the product on the label.

And A&W Root Beer was recently hit with a class-action lawsuit for doing just that. If you bought an A&W root beer or cream soda product with a “Made with Aged Vanilla” label between Feb. 7, 2016 and June 2, 2023, you might be eligible to receive a bit of money from the $15 million settlement in Sharpe, et al. v. A&W Concentrate Co et al.

The problem is the phrase “aged vanilla.” The lawsuit says it doesn’t accurately describe the vanilla sweetener used in the soda. It’s actually made mostly with ethyl vanillin, an artificial vanilla flavor.

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In the preliminary settlement, A&W said that “that purchasers did not pay a ‘premium’ for the Products as a result of any misrepresentations.” Nonetheless, A&W and Keurig Dr Pepper agreed to pay $15 million in total to be divvied up among claimants.

Those who bought the “aged vanilla” product but don’t have a receipt to prove it can still submit a claim and receive $5.50.

Customers who bought multiple “aged vanilla” products — and do have proof of purchase — can receive $5.50, plus 50 cents for each additional product, up to $25.

Eligible purchasers can receive this money by filing a claim online by Oct. 18, 2023. You can also mail a paper form of the claim (postmarked Oct. 18, 2023).

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