Hope Project aims to help struggling veterans

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Posted at 9:57 AM, Oct 27, 2019
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David Trogdon served in the military for nine years.

When he left, he returned home with an idea to help other veterans making that same transition.

David Trogdon's military journey started when he was in high school.

"I first joined when I was 17. It kind of to get away from home. I had a recruiter come by my high school and the next thing I knew was I'm in the army," said Trogdon.

As apart of his service, he traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Being in war zones fighting for our country had more of an impact on him than he realized.

"As I got older, with the wear and tear of military life, I ended up with several traumatic brain injuries when I was deployed. I knew I had issues, I was struggling with suicide and diagnosed with severe depression and significant PTSD," said Trogdon.

Trogdon would eventually be medically discharged meaning he was no longer required to serve in the military.

"So one day I was in the army as a solider and the next day I felt like a nobody, that transition was so difficult," said Trogdon.

With the help of a few friends, they came up with an idea to make the transition out of the military easier on veterans in the area.

That's when Hope Project was born.

The Hope Project is a non-profit organization that's known for their horse therapy sessions.

When Fayth Tapia-wade first heard of the services they were offering... she admits she was skeptical.

"I struggle with PTSD and let me tell you the first time I touched the horse It leaned onto me and I immediately teared up," said Tapia-Wade

About eight-million adults have P-T-S-D during a given year.

It's these numbers that motivate Tapia-Wade to help spread awareness to others about Hope Project.

"You shouldn't be sacred to tell someone about it. You need to get help. As much as you can say I got this... I can get through this... it really helps to have someone to lean on," said Tapia-Wade.

The next Hope Project gathering will be on December 14th.

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