Home & Garden: Packing Prep for College Move-In Day

College Move in day
Posted at 7:02 AM, Aug 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-10 04:35:50-04

Tallahassee, Fla. (WTXL)---It's back to school week and for many it, could be back to the college dorms as well. This morning on WTXL Sunrise, we got some helpful tips about packing up from Rachel Chasteen and Taylor Gibson from Two Men and A Truck

· Pack Light, Pack Right - The dorms aren’t very big and there isn’t a lot of room for clutter. Try to only pack the essentials with maybe a few decorative items such as pictures of family and high school friends to make it feel more like home.

· Recycle Your Packing Materials - It may be easy to pack clothes in a suitcase, however there isn’t a lot of storage space in a dorm room so try to pack clothes in garbage bags or something that can be easily thrown away or stored for when it’s time to move out again.

· Items of a Feather, Pack Together - If you pack similar belongings together, it makes unpacking on arrival so much easier.

· Bring Your Tools - Bring a tool kit for move in day and have it handy in case you want to loft/de-loft your bed, put together a table you brought, or something of the sort.

· Survival of the Fittest - Dorm room life is fun – but can also mean the potential for colds, the flu, migraines, or even a really bad paper cut! Spills are bound to happen too. Pack a survival kit with the following:

  • First aid: bandages, antibiotic and hydro-cortisone ointments, pain killers, digital thermometer, decongestant, and antacids
  • Laundry: detergent, stain remover stick, and fabric softener
  • Cleaning: antibacterial wipes, glass cleaning wipes, microfiber dust cloth, roll of paper towels, broom, and dustpan