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The government of this Italian island will pay you $15,000 to move there

The government of this Italian island will pay you $15,000 to move there
Posted at 9:50 AM, Sep 23, 2022

Are you longing to live somewhere with stunning beaches, delicious food and a verdant, remote countryside setting? Then, Sardinia could be your dream come true. Better still, if you meet specific criteria, you could even be paid to relocate to this Italian region.

The government of the Mediterranean island has set aside 45 million euros, which it will use to pay people €15,000 (approximately $14,976) to move there.

The money will subsidize grants toward purchasing or renovating homes in municipalities with a population of fewer than 3,000 inhabitants as a measure against depopulation.

The population of Italy is decreasing. Experts expect the number of inhabitants to decline by 20% within the next 50 years.

“We have created the conditions for young people to decide to stay and [develop] the economic fabric of the most fragile territories,” Christian Solinas, president of the region, said in a translated press release. “There can be no growth without a real enhancement of the territories, of the internal areas and of the most disadvantaged ones, which must necessarily pass through new territorial repopulation policies. We are working to make our island better and to give new opportunities to the Sardinians.”


Of course, there are requirements you must meet to be eligible.

  • You must move to a Sardinian town with fewer than 3,000 residents.
  • You must use the money toward the purchase or renovation of a home. While €15,000 is the maximum amount awarded, the grant will not be more than half the purchase or renovation costs.
  • You must live in Sardinia full time and register as a permanent resident within 18 months.

Since not every applicant will use the total amount, more than 7,000 people or families could potentially participate.


Still, even with those restrictions, it could be enticing. Sardinia is a beautiful island with breathtaking coasts, forests and mountains. You can easily travel to other European countries, and the cost of living in Sardinia is up to 50% lower than in other Italian cities.

And you might even expect to live longer if you set up residence in Sardinia. The region is known for its extraordinarily high number of people living to be 100 or older.

English is not widely spoken in Sardinia, so you might want to dive into learning Italian before you go.

Other Italian regions have recently made similar offers to attract residents. For example, Cinquefrondi, Italy sold homes for $1, and Molise offered €700 ($770) a month for three years to people who relocated to the region.

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