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Driver crashes into Denny's restaurant, injures 23 people inside

A group of people ranging in age from 12 to 60 were injured while eating at Denny's in Rosenberg, Texas.
Driver crashes into Denny's restaurant, injures 23 people inside
Posted at 9:57 PM, Sep 04, 2023

A crew of people eating an early Labor Day lunch were interrupted when a car crashed into the restaurant's dining room, injuring nearly two dozen guests.

Police in Rosenberg, Texas, said they began receiving multiple 911 calls about the incident at 11:22 a.m. Monday. That's around the time the vehicle crashed right through the south wall of a Denny's restaurant.

A total of 23 people aged 12 to 60 were injured while sitting inside, with wounds ranging from minor lacerations to severe but not life-threatening, police said. The injured were all conscious while being transported to local hospitals, according to authorities.

The driver of the vehicle, who police said was a man around 30 years old, was not injured, the department said.

Photos of the scene shared on the department's Facebook page show the driver's large red vehicle fully inside the restaurant, surrounded by half of a still-standing wall and a field of debris, including what appear to be pieces of the restaurant's booths.

Rosenberg police said the area is expected to see traffic delays and lane closures in the city, which is around 35 miles southwest of Houston, and urged residents to avoid being nearby if possible.

The department is now investigating the crash.

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