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Sneauxballs, a unique dessert with a mission to give back to Tallahassee

Posted at 4:40 AM, Mar 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-21 11:33:30-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — What started out as a fundraiser for kids in Tallahassee, quickly turned into a thriving business for one man.

Owner of Sneauxballs Jarrett Maloy said he was selling snowballs for the first time at an apartment complex event to raise money for a youth development program.

"I, maybe, sold like ten and it just happened to be that the property manager saw when I had the only line I had," Maloy said. "He was like 'the residents really seem to love this. Do you cater?' And I was like, 'yup.'"

Even without experience in catering or owning a business, Maloy said he seized the moment to introduce the town he grew up into a treat he loved during his time playing college baseball in Louisiana.

"Snowballs is pretty much a commodity out there," Maloy said. "You'll find one at literally every gas station and every corner just about. My roommate after practice would always try to get me to get a snowball. In my head I'm thinking like snow cones, so I was like man, let's just go get a Gatorade. Then, finally, I went with him one day and was like, oh, this is different."

He said they're different because unlike a snow cone with crunchy ice snowballs have ice that is finer, which creates a smoother texture.

"It's like the gourmet of ice," Maloy said.

He's even added his own twist, where he fills these ice treats with homemade cheesecake.

He said he never imagined he would be able to give back with a business like this.

"The whole reason behind this was really just to give back to the community by starting this youth development program," Maloy said. "It's cool that I can now use snowball, instead of the actual program, because Sneauxball is reaching so many more people."

Through Sneauxballs, he’s been able to help mentor youth on opening their own business, along with having ‘give back days’ where he’s able to provide free snowballs to the community.

"It's really the communities shop," Maloy said. "They're the ones running this ship. I just got the keys."

This makes Sneauxballs an icy creation that is totally Tallahassee.

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