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Mark Dickson's Studio: Deconstructing scrap metal into something beautiful

Mark Dickson's Studio
Posted at 3:57 AM, Jan 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-17 11:07:54-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — With his welder in hand, Sculptor Mark Dickson is deconstructing scrap metal into his newest creation.

"There is something almost magical about taking metal that is so hard and so ridged and fusing it together," Dickson said. "Metaling it together and create something. The possibilities are endless.”

Dickson said he is constantly experimenting with all types of metals, using different combinations and finishes. Welding, forging, and casting are the primary processes he uses in his work, but he is ever exploring and pushing the boundaries of the medium.

His art work can be seen around town, with the most recognizable being his abstract metal bus shelters.

Mark Dickson's bus shelter art work

"Even in some of the pieces where you see a musician or a worker, I want people to look at life in a different way," Dickson said. "Look at it in a way that they may have never considered it. I want people to look at it and say 'oh, I never thought of that, but that’s interesting'.”

For the past 19 years, Dickson has lived in Tallahassee and immersed himself in the local art community through Florida State University and Railroad square.

He said he doesn't want art to seem intimating, but rather an opportunity for people to discover endless beauty in the community.

“I want people to feel comfortable with art. Art is for everyone," Dickson said. "The arts is everything. It’s music. It’s theater, dance, visual arts, sculpture. “

Dickson says Tallahassee is now home, so people can expect to see more of his creations pop up around town.

“I’m just going to keep making art until I can’t make it anymore," Dickson said.

His work embodies the spirit that is Totally Tallahassee.

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