Totally Tallahassee: Jim and Milt's Barbecue, serving families for decades

Posted at 10:28 AM, Oct 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-23 13:56:59-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — It’s been a game day favorite for decades, serving Barbecue to generations of families across the Capital City.

Sitting inside and enjoying a pork sandwich is a daily tradition for many in Tallahassee, but for Owner Jim Flury, it’s like being at home.

"I have no memory of life not in these walls," Flury said.

Jim said he was five years old when his father Mike Flury took over the restaurant in 1979.

"He was playing flag football with the current owner and that owner wanted to get out, so you have the original Jim and Milt’s who opened the restaurant in 1969," Flury said. "They sold it to a gentleman, who sold it to a gentleman, who sold it to my father, so with 50 plus years of history, we represent 40 of those years."

Jim's dad Mike said the best decision he ever made was moving up to Tallahassee to finish college, and then never leaving.

Flury said he spent his teenage years learning the business from his dad. He took it over after graduating from Florida State University.

Flury's sons now work at the restaurant and are learning the barbecue business.

"Everyone with my last name, at some point, has worked in this restaurant and my dad is the youngest of six kids, so that’s a lot of cousins," Flury said.

Customers who come in to enjoy a meal can get a glimpse into their family history, through newspaper articles and pictures on the walls.

However, these are memories for Flury Family that represent a lifetime of joy that wouldn't exist without the Tallahassee community.

"Jim and Milt’s is here because yes family members of mine, myself, my son working here now, my father, yes we worked very hard in here," Flury said. "It’s here because of the dedicated employees and the incredible loyal customers that we have that come in eat in here every day, so it means a lot."