Mini Paint Your Pet craft in Ab+Fab=Create

Mini Paint Your Pet craft in Ab+Fab=Create
Mini Paint Your Pet craft in Ab+Fab=Create
Posted at 7:45 AM, Mar 15, 2017
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TALLAHASSEE, FL - In Ab+Fab=Create, who doesn't enjoy a little painting?

Today, Anchor Christine Souders and Meteorologist Alex Cordero create a work of art, a mini pet painting.

Art Instructor Diane Dyal teaches the Mini Paint Your Pet craft at the Tallahassee Senior Center April 4, 11, 18, 25 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m..

COST OF EVENT: $36 seniors (50+), $44 others (18-49) 

Contact information: Leslie Puckett 850-891-4016

Supplies for Orange Tabby Cat

1. Photo of your pet

2. 3"x3" Canvas with matching easel

3. Various colors of acrylic paint -- Fluid, soft body or heavy body --Orange, purple, green, red, black and white

4. Small paint brushes --one 1/8" flat brush --one very small round brush (for details like whiskers)

5. Water jar

6. Paper towels

7. Paper plates for paint palette

8. Elmer's glue

9. Hair dryer


1. Sketch out basic shape of cat's face on center of canvas with the photo as reference.

2. Choose contrasting color like purple and paint background around cat's face doing sides of canvas last, then let dry.

3. Choose color for mid-tones of cat's face like orange for tabby cat and paint whole face in solid color going around eyes and nose leaving spaces where pencil lines are.

4. Paint in highlights and shadows to create three-dimensional shape by adding a little black to orange for shadows and quite a bit of white to orange for highlights.

5. For light source on right, put shadows on left and highlights on right on sides of head, around the eyes, nose, cheeks and body. Use lines as guides filling in while painting highlight and shadows. Then blend and let dry.

6. Mix orange and black to make brown and hold brush vertically and lightly put in stripes along sides and top of face like photo.

7. Paint in cat's eyes in green and nose in pink, let dry.

8. Paint in pupils and nostrils in black and whiskers in white and finally a small white dot as a reflection in right side of each pupil.

9. If using as an ornament, wrap the gold string around the back of easel leg and tie.

10. Glue mini canvas to easel by running Elmer's glue along bottom and top back of easel, apply pressure and let dry.

Description of Workshop:

This workshop is for any skill level, beginners welcome, where we create small (6"x6") and mini (3"x3") canvases of our favorite animals or pets. The minis come with easels and can be used for decorations or ornaments. The class consists of teaching students how to sketch the animal on the canvas, then paint the highlights, mid-tones and shadows and finally adding the details. Color theory and materials will be discussed. Water-based acrylic paints will be used and the student is to supply the materials.