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Cleveland is the most stressed city in America. How does yours rank?

Here are the cities that rank among the most and least stressed in the U.S.
Cleveland is the most stressed city in America. How does yours rank?
Posted at 11:52 AM, Jul 12, 2023

Stress is unavoidable.

But some cities in the U.S. suffer more than others. 

Factors like work, finances, health and safety all contribute to how stressful an environment can be. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, record inflation rates and spiking homicides have further increased worries across the country. 

About 83% of adults in the U.S. say inflation is causing them stress, with 56% reporting they've had to make different choices due to lack of money, according to the American Psychological Association. About three-quarters of adults also cite violence and crime as sources of stress in their lives. 

To see how stress measured up across the country, Wallethub compared 39 metrics in over 180 cities, evaluating data from weekly work hours to unemployment to divorce rates. 

Based on the data, Cleveland is the most stressed city in America. It ranked No. 1 in financial stress, No. 2 in health and safety stress and No. 3 in family stress. 

Following Cleveland is Detroit as the second-most stressed city. Shreveport, Louisiana, came in third, and New Orleans and Baltimore rounded out the top five. 

But not all cities offer high-stress environments. 

The least stressed city in the U.S. is South Burlington, Vermont, according to Wallethub. The city ranked 182 in both financial stress and family stress, 110 in work stress and 177 in health and safety stress. Fremont, California, came in second for least stressed, followed by San Jose, California; Bismark, North Dakota; and Seattle, respectively. 

Here's a map of how cities across the country measure up in terms of stress, according to Wallethub:

Source: WalletHub

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