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Capitol Hill pets don best Halloween costumes at bipartisan 'pawrade'

It was a spooky best in show for staffers in Washington as they brought their pets to work the runway, showing off their best character ensembles.
Capitol Hill pets don best Halloween costumes at bipartisan 'pawrade'
Posted at 8:22 PM, Oct 31, 2023

Whether it was more of a "Boo!" or a "Bark!" Capitol Hill staffers were able to, essentially, bring their pets to work on Tuesday as staffers and others held an event billed as a "Bipawtisan Howl-o-ween Dog Pawrade," for D.C.'s political pets to show off their best Halloween costumes. 

The Senate's Philip A. Hart office building seemed to be packed, in part, with congressional staffers, parading their furry friends around to compete for a chance to gain recognition as the best costumed pet. 

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It has become somewhat of a tradition for this time of year. 

Staffers, along with folks who just came to the public building to enjoy the fun, brought their pets to show off costumes. 

It was unclear what treats were handed out to the hairy trick-or-treaters on four legs, but chocolate (or any other treat that vets would not approve of) was not handed out for them to enjoy. 

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