Building a community for vets: Bainbridge veterans have a new American Legion to call home

Posted at 4:59 PM, May 27, 2024
  • Find out how a second American Legion is serving veterans in rural parts of Bainbridge.
  • Watch the story to see who is behind expanding a community for vets.


Supporting a community of vets in rural Bainbridge.

I’m talking to those who have served to hear why a second American Legion is filling a need.

"We have a lot of veterans in the community that often need rides somewhere [or] information [about] what things are available,” said local veteran Ronnie Smith.

Smith is talking about how the newly formed American Legion post #340 is working to serve veterans living in more rural parts of Bainbridge.

"We're off the beaten path so we thought we'd set one up here to give everybody a place to go,” said Donald Fabian the commander for American Legion post #340.

The American Legion post #512 is located in downtown Bainbridge which could be 20 miles or more for neighbors that have served.

"We have a lot of veterans in the campground,” according to Fabian.“We have a lot of veterans visiting us.. In the community here there's probably 80 to 90 houses and I'd say about 75% of them are veterans."

Fabian said this location plans to partner with agencies like the Veteran's Alliance to connect vulnerable vets to resources.

"A lot of things we're working on is taking veterans to doctors appointments. There are a lot of resources out there but most people don't know how to access them or have

Smith speaking as a Vietnam-era veteran tells me.

"I think it's good to support anything that supports veterans,” said Smith.

Interested in learning about events or membership?

Veterans are invited to the Post #340 American Legion meeting on May 30.