MIT Officer Killed - Watertown on Alert

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Posted at 3:44 AM, Apr 19, 2013
and last updated 2016-05-06 10:27:48-04

This morning the FBI and authorities in Watertown, MA issued a warning to residents in the small suburb just outside of Boston. 

The statement said, "Residents in an around Watertown do not answer your doors and stay away from doors and windows. Do not open the doors unless you are sure it is a police officer. If you are not sure call 911". 

This high alert is unprecedented in Watertown. In fact, it was just announced that officers will be going door to door looking for a male suspect. 

Earlier last evening according to Photojournalist Gabe Ramirez from CNN, there was a chase through the community that ended up in an arrest of one suspect.

"Police were in a standoff with the vehicle just down the hill. They ordered the suspect out of vehicle and commanded he strip down naked before putting him in a patrol car and transporting him away from the scene", Ramirez said.

Investigators from the Massachusetts State Police have said that the reason that the suspect was made to strip was because they were not sure if there were incendiary devices on his person.

Authorities have not said if the man that they have in custody or the man that they are seeking were involved in the Boston Bombings earlier in the week.