Driverless Bus Makes Debut in Georgia at Start of US Tour

Driverless Bus Makes Debut in Georgia at Start of US Tour
Posted at 12:51 PM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 12:51:00-05

AUSTELL, Ga. (AP) - A shuttle bus that drove itself - along with human passengers - through a course in a parking lot near Atlanta is embarking on a tour that will include stops in Texas and California.

The Alliance for Transportation Innovation offered rides in the 12-person bus on Thursday in Austell, Georgia.

Officials with the Washington, D.C.-based organization say a key goal of Thursday's demonstration and future ones is to give people a chance to see a driverless vehicle up-close and ride in one.

Alliance President and CEO Paul Brubaker said public acceptance is one of the main challenges to getting the vehicles into use on city streets and highways.

Brubaker said rules and laws in some states pose additional challenges.

Similar demonstrations are planned in Arlington, Texas; Los Angeles and San Jose, California.

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