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Alligator Point residents see issues with beach goers parking in yards

Posted at 5:31 PM, Mar 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-05 17:31:40-05

Residents in Alligator Point said they struggle with visitors parking in the wrong spots during peak beach seasons.

"Especially during spring break and all," resident Lisa Tata said. "And they are welcome and it is wonderful because we need that down here and we appreciate it."

Over the past few years, Tata said visitors have been parking on the side of the road or in people's front yards.

"They need to be respectful and park where they are supposed to park." Tata said.

Parking decisions that can be dangerous.

"Just last weekend, we had, I think we towed around nine vehicles and several of those were parked on the edge of the roadway," said Captain Dwayne Coulter with Franklin County Sherriff's Office. "One tire on the road, one tire off the road."

Something that is prompting the Sherriff's office to take action, placing boulders on the sides of roads commonly parked on.

Captain Coulter also said they will be ticketing and towing any cars parked illegally.

Vacation rental owner Charlie Vosburgh said it's about time.

"They rarely towed, and maybe they would put stickers in people's windows saying 'Hey, you're illegally parked here, please do not park here,'" Vosburgh said. "Now, they seem to be, there are much more teeth in it."

There are three parking lots with about 46 spaces in each that are for beach access.

"We just want them to do right," said Tata. "To come here and enjoy and respect the beaches and leave it like it was when they came."