Alex Cordero


Alex graduated from the Florida State University in May 2014. He was a team leader for the local FSU student-led weather production "FSU Weather" where he not only helped teach up and coming student meteorologists, but honed in his skills as both a weather caster and a leader.

As a child, Alex always had a fascination with clouds, but what really helped to spark his interest was the combination of the 2004-2005 hurricane seasons. In a period of two years, he experienced landfalls from hurricanes Frances, Jeanne, Katrina, and Wilma. During this period, he always found himself glued to the televisions, watching what the storms did. Needless to say, it left a mark.

Alex has lived most of his life in sunny (and stormy!) south Florida, though he was born in Hartford, Connecticut. His favorite weather is clear, sunny, and cold!

For the start of his career, Alex is excited to work near his Alma mater, as well as a city with a variety of weather, plus he is never too far away from home.

In his spare time, Alex usually spends it obsessing over new things every week, whether it be different cultures, new music, or clothes. Not a shy sports fanatic by any means, he'll find a way to include his love for Miami teams when he talks and he can't wait for the day that his beloved Miami Dolphins win a Superbowl title. Also there are few days when he doesn't have coffee in his system, though with his energy, you'd never know!

He loves sunset photos so if you have any, send them to him!

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