Abbey's Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree
Posted at 2:00 PM, Dec 22, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)-- My mom reminded me of the recipe for the Christmas tree which she got from one of the kindergarten teachers at her school. We used to make it around Christmas every year when I was a little girl. My mom tells me the first year I made it I was 2 years old and I made such a mess! I like it because now that I am married, my husband and I are thinking about having children of our own and I'm sure it's a simple and fun recipe ill share with my kids one day!

You will need:

-sugar cones

-green frosting (or vanilla frosting with green food coloring)


-M&Ms or other candy garnishes

-Powdered sugar


Mix the vanilla frosting with the green food coloring in a bowl. Take cone, and place it upside down. Use spatula to spread icing on the cones—they need not be perfect, trees are lumpy. Once covered, place back down on plate and decorate using sprinkles and candy. If you prefer your tree to be an outdoor tree, you can use a sifter to make powdered sugar “snow” down onto the tree. You can also make an indoor tree by using a cupcake wrapper; flip it upside down as the tree skirt, and place cone on top.

You can also dress up simple ice cream scoops using the cone tree, simply place on top of a scoop!