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2 competitors die in Ironman competition

The grueling event combines swimming, running and biking over 70.3 miles.
2 competitors die in Ironman competition
Posted at 2:07 PM, Aug 21, 2023

Two competitors died in the swim portion of an Ironman event in Ireland. 

The grueling event combines swimming, running and biking over 70.3 miles, which is considered a half Ironman. 

The men were attempting to swim about a mile when their bodies apparently began to give out. One man was in his 40s and the other was in his 60s.

Race organizers said safety personnel provided medical attention to the athletes upon noticing they were in need of assistance, but it was too late. 

"We share our greatest sympathies with the families and friends of the athletes and will continue to offer them our support as they go through this very difficult time," Ironman Ireland said in a statement on Facebook

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British news outlet BBC said the men were from Ireland and Canada. The BBC added that the men were not swimming together, noting they died at separate points on the course. 

The race was reportedly supposed to take place on Saturday, but was pushed back until Sunday due to a major storm in the area. Organizers of the race had reportedly shortened the swim portion of the race because of the storm's effect on the open waters. 

Despite the deaths of the two men, the event continued. 

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