UPDATE (November 22, 2013 - 1:14 P.M.)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - State Attorney Willie Meggs says there are still "four or five" things that still need to be done in the sexual assault case before a final decision is made on whether charges should be made against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.


      Meggs said Friday that while prosecutors have interviewed the alleged victim that they have not wrapped up their investigation.  Meggs did not provide any details of the interview with the woman.


      ESPN reported earlier this week that Winston's DNA matched a sample taken from the underwear of the accuser.


      Timothy Jansen, Winston's attorney, says his client voluntarily gave the sample last week but that a match does not mean his client raped the woman. He told reporters any sex was consensual before somewhat backtracking when pressed about his comment.

UPDATE (November 22, 2013 - 10:31 A.M.)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- State Attorney Willie Meggs is expected to meet with his staff Friday to decide if or when charges could be filed in the case of a reported sexual assault linked to Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston.

It's unclear when a final decision would be announced.

Thursday, Winston's attorney, Tim Jansen, told reporters that they are not surprised that DNA linked Winston to the victim. Jansen told reporters that Winston had volunteered a DNA sample last week to the Tallahassee Police Department as part of the investigation.

Jansen told reporters there was sex between Winston and the woman who reported the assault to police, however Jansen said it was consensual.

Jansen said he is upset that the information was leaked and made public through the media. ESPN first reported Wednesday night that Winston's DNA matched a sample taken from the underwear of the accuser.

Jansen told reporters that he had not seen the results of the DNA tests and found out watching television.

Jansen says he's surprised the DNA results were leaked out by law enforcement, but "This DNA has no impact whatsoever on this case," Jansen said. "The two eyewitnesses that were present will exonerate" Winston.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) —  The attorney representing the alleged victim in a sexual assault investigation involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston says her client never said she did not want to press charges.

Patricia Carroll said Wednesday it's not true that the case about the alleged December 2012 assault was placed on hold because the victim did not want to prosecute, as a Tallahassee official told city commissioners in an email.

Carroll says the alleged victim was trying to get on with her life after it became apparent the Tallahassee Police Department was not seriously investigating the case. TPD did not respond to calls seeking comment.

One of the lingering questions surrounding the case involving Winston, a Heisman Trophy candidate, is why it took 11 months for police to hand over information to prosecutors.

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I pray this mess is over soon for the player, the victim and most of all for the fans of Florida State Football and the community. Scandal of any kind either that is real or made up can do so much damage to an athletic program, its fans and to a college. Regardless of he said, she said to wait a year to bring this to light and to do it to tarnish a football program that has struggled over the last few years at the height of its turn around is way out of order. I hope that whoever is behind this lapse in record keeping or whatever is held up to the post.
If all of this is true and based upon the report that the media is passing around the police report I think its a crook of bull. I think somebody is trying to gain something from this and if there are no charges in this case filed to damage the image of the player then they should be hauled into a court of law.
The damage that could come from this case could destroy FSU Football and if this is the case as a fan I would encourage all of us to consider class action and hold accountable the parties that were behind this. I pray as do all of the nation that this situation will be brought to a Christian end soon the longer it hangs over a storied program the more damage it can and will do.

Hector da Inspector
Hector da Inspector

I find it odd that after 11 months after the fact DNA suddenly matches. Although, this would make an interesting show for CSI Miami, It sounds like the classic " Good girl gives it up, gets caught, crys rape. Film at 11.

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